Hey!  I made this turtwig because turtwigs are awesome and I don’t care what you say SFDP!


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The Kanto Starters!

Hey guys!  It’s PM here!  I made these starters a while ago and they are also on the origami pokemon site if you want to check that out.  Stay classy super folders!



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Science Pikachu


Scientist: Uh, Dr. Pika.  The nuclear reacter is malfunctioning. 

Dr. Pika: Um, lets see.  Here dump this weird green radioactive stuff on it! 


He isn’t the smartest Docter but he is the most stylish. 😉 😎

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Barry Steakfries


Hey guys!  PaperMaster here!  This is a Berry Steakfries from Jetpack Joyride and Age of Zombies (Both great games.  Downloaded recomended!) for ios.  I am not proud of saying this but I don’t really know how many cuts this is (all on the arms) but I stopped counting after 5 😳

Stay classy super folders!

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Hey Guys!

This is PaperMaster’s new site and I want it to be almost if not as succesful as the Darkpalkigami site, so you can re-blog stuff on here.  See the “about” page for more instrux.

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